Monday, December 29, 2008


Lol, i am back!! Haha!!
No Ns(National Service)
Some of you maybe wondering why am i back...
Actually i did went for NS,
But instead of 3 months training, i only attend it for 3 hours...
Funny isn't it?
Let me tell you what happened after i reached there:
I had my lunch soon after i reached the Asahan camp.
And after lunch,everyone got to lapor diri,

There is 5 counters that we must go through.
-1st and 2nd counter is for lapor diri and group division
-3rd counter is medic
-4th counter is spot check
-5th counter is giving out towels ,fork and spoon, etc etc

Everybody went through this 5 counters,but i only went till the 3rd counter that is medic.
When the medic saw my medical report, he hold me for a moment and called me to sit aside and await his order...

A few minute passes and when he come back he told me that i have to go back.
I was shock and blur,and at the mean time HAPPY, haha...
Actually i am suffering from Scoliosis in other word (back bone deformation)
The medic told me that i cannot attend this because there will be many activities that will bring harm to my back bone, and it will be very risky for them if they accept me...

Dad fetch me back later on around 4.30p.m. (He's in Melaka too~~)

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