Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Birthday celebration at look out point

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUI YAN!!! (My so call 大家姐) translate in cantosese =)
You are older le, hoho,since your birthday is at early new year, I would like to wish u a happpy new year and i hope that you'll be happy always =) try to look things at the positive side =D

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Uni started few days ago,*ugh* i hope that i will be a good beginning for this year. This semester is a long semester... it also means that there will be more ASSIGNMENT!!! Gwaddd~~~~ At first i was thinking to take 6 subjects for this, but after a few consultation from my family and friend, i've decided to carry on with 4 subject. It is because I may have difficulties taking 6 subject, although there is a possibility that i can graduate this semester but mum asked me not to take the risk if you cant cope with the course. So i ended up taking 4 sub's.

-I would like to thank God,My Family and friends for giving me advice and courage during my hardship =)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Movie Day with Parents =D

Went to watch Avatar with my parents, lol, its feels like its the first time all of us went for a movie,hahas, the 'Q' was so long!! Ish~~ but its worthy la=D, The movie was awesome,very awesome!! i wanna watch 3D!! If you have'nt watch it, go watch it anddd if you've watched it, watch it AGAIN, LMAO!!! If i were to rate it, i'll give it 5 Star =O

Friday, January 1, 2010


Success is in everybody's mind. Whether to success in career or in everyday life.
The road to success is not easy, and most of them fail to realize that to be successful you must work hard and strive for it. But instead many of them formulates the other way round. To cut it short is: do not ever forget the process of being successful, no matter how difficult the road is you must walk with courage!!!

Time to make a change <01012010>

Mind to shout out if you have any comments =D

Happy New Year

Little keys open big locks,
Simple words reflect great thoughts,
Your smile can cure heart blocks,
So keep on smiling it rocks!!
Happy New Year 2010 =D
(P.s. adapted from an SMS,Picture done by me XD)