Thursday, October 27, 2011


I'm not slow,just that Fast is not obvious.

Hey Guys, its my 70th post!!! (after joining blogger for 4 years)
Well, i know my progress isn't that fast, but.... i did not stop posting. (Which is a good thing!)
In life, good result always come slow in progress. So never never ever give up in things you really want! Be patient instead! and work hard for the best!

Have a Blessed Day,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Its been quite (LONG) awhile since i posted :P well well, lets do some catch up,few days after the last post, my course had this awesome bowling competition at Wangsa Walk Mall, and just so u know, my team won the competition! (competing with some15 other teams)

Soo, this is my team! set aside the most left guy (the big guy) :P, he is our ADP advisor~ starting the second left is LEO, ME, JASON and last but not least SUSILA~ (if u can take a closer look at the trophy, its kinda look like a penis with balls on it) not to insult the person who designed it, but it really looks wrong if u turn its direction...

That's all for the bowling competition, if you want to see more pictures regarding this competition, feel free to visit this link, FYI, its my Facebook, so don't worry of getting VIRUS!

During the same week, i went to this place,

you probably not know where is this place, so let me tell you. Its the UMNO building, and if you still don't know, i'll give u a hint, this is the bright building you'll see in KL during the night with lots of ads/ picture on it. Back to where we left, i was actually there to shoot a launching of Mobile Clinic,

And to officially launch this mobile clinic, Ministers from various field were invited to give their precious autograph to the vehicle,

( Menteri Kewangan 2/ 2nd Finance Minister)

Last but not least is our dear Prime Minister & Deputy Prime Minister ,

Its the end already, I hope you guys enjoyed it :) i'll update my blog again within this month, so stay tune!!
Have A Nice Day~!
God Bless you,

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Hey guys~ sorry for neglecting the blog for quite some time :) Shit happened lately and i got stuck with assignments and stuff :( So be patient with me a little longer kay? i'll be back with pictures the next time :) 
*i'm having B&W+ lightography fever lately *
God Bless All of you!

Friday, September 16, 2011


There is just times where u feel like things weren't right and u got to go through it no matter how.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Someone like you

To you in the picture:

Study well,
Take Care,

See you in 365+ days time.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Seagull 1

Hey Guys, i managed to upload those picture :)
Its only 3 for now, but i promise the numbers will increase for the time coming and also the quality of the picture~

Friday, September 9, 2011

Can you see what i see?

I've been playing with my TLR recently, and the first roll of pictures sudah pun dicuci... The outcome wasn't what i expected it to be, but anyhow, its an old camera.. due to the lack of knowledge and proper maintenance, i will therefore send the camera for overhauling. The repairing cost is kinda high, i was shock when the first shop says i have to spend rm 150 to repair it even shocking is when the next shop told me that it'll cost me rm 250. What jaw dropping price it is @@ i keep telling myself: for quality pictures sake, repair it!!  ,gosh.. i hoped that the next roll of film will turn out to be good! :)

I wanted to upload a few pictures taken by the TLR, but it seems that the picture rotated itself when i upload it here :( will think of a way to do it :S that's all i have for now,await my good news :) 

God Bless you all~

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Capital of Silver

Yess! the long awaited post had finally arrived :P
So capital of silver, any idea where it is? 

And yes, this is where ive been last week~ (^.^)
The trip was a sudden plan actually, and it turn out to be preety well :D way over our expectation.
During this trip, i had fun:



Look and being looked by animals, *Not fun at all =..=*,

Capturing awkward moments,

Spending a whole night on the mountain + capturing stars,
Saw 2 shooting star's also *feeling lucky*

Photo shooting *Ma Fav* !

Lastly, we had fun
Being Crazy!

All from Ipoh with LOVE

Special thanks to Leo and Family :)