Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Long lost post~

Finally!!! A post. I've been busy for the few weeks,cleaning the house, gaming XD, movies, yamcha!, and manga, hehe =D. These are the few updates.
LOL. I'm currently in Mc Donald located in Malacca. Y? Bec my Malacca hz dun have internet access T.T... So apprieciate your internet connection....

To those of you who is really really boring, you can go for MANGA!! Juz an opinion=D. Aha,the recent manga tht i'm reading is this, Vampire Knight. Althought the drawing is not that nice, but the story line is nice, go have a look.Recommended site:

Besides that, if you are interested in money $.$
i'll recommend you to check out this site:

Detail for this two site:
  • Get an internet shopping mall starting from Rm1K, no worries about product and maintainance, interesting benefits, and highly recommended by me =)
If you needed more information you can call me @ 0169057062 or email me @

That's all for today adios viewers ;)

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