Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chinese New Year

Hi readers!!!! First of all i wanna wish alll of you a Happy belated Chinese New Year, i know that i've not been writing any post recently. Hmm.... so where should i start..... okay about CNY, this year's CNY is not that fun...... reason is because an important person is no longer here to celebrate it with us, huhu, still remembering the days before CNY, i used to prepare red packet with him in the room, and eating his handmade (DOL-DOL) during CNY etc.... lol that's not the best part! Two days ago i lost Rm 20!! You know where the money went? isshhh, the money went under-table, haha tau mana?look at the picture --->lol, i was cought for not looking be4 i turn and the police was behind me T.T (Rm20 flew away)
I wouldn't admit that my luck was bad, haha... this would be my Happy CNY post, take care everyone =) God Bless~~

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