Thursday, March 11, 2010


These few days is like hectic, finishing up all the assignments, discussion after discussion for presentations, and last but not least, Finall!!! Although going through so many events, i still believe that i can go through with flying colors. Recently i felt that God is helping me in various ways, such as giving me the courage to move on, opening doors when i am in the valley of difficulty etc...

Besidesss it , i wanna give special thanks to my English, Marketing and Finance group members, it wouldn't easy without you guys, THANK YOU!!!!

Up next, have you seen the
LATEST news? Its Jack Neo's sex scandal news, lol, the news is all over the know what is the first reaction when i see the new's?I were thinking why is he carrying the same surname as my surname [what a disgrace (refer the picture) ]
Anyhow, what is done is done, i hope that he'll change~

Will be going for a hair cut tomorrow!!(Exited!) =D
And before i end, i would like to wish all my friends who went to NS, Welcome Back ^^

That's all for my post, hope you enjoyed it. God Bless You =]


YY said...

same surname with me too...

RoNz said...