Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Its been quite (LONG) awhile since i posted :P well well, lets do some catch up,few days after the last post, my course had this awesome bowling competition at Wangsa Walk Mall, and just so u know, my team won the competition! (competing with some15 other teams)

Soo, this is my team! set aside the most left guy (the big guy) :P, he is our ADP advisor~ starting the second left is LEO, ME, JASON and last but not least SUSILA~ (if u can take a closer look at the trophy, its kinda look like a penis with balls on it) not to insult the person who designed it, but it really looks wrong if u turn its direction...

That's all for the bowling competition, if you want to see more pictures regarding this competition, feel free to visit this link, FYI, its my Facebook, so don't worry of getting VIRUS!

During the same week, i went to this place,

you probably not know where is this place, so let me tell you. Its the UMNO building, and if you still don't know, i'll give u a hint, this is the bright building you'll see in KL during the night with lots of ads/ picture on it. Back to where we left, i was actually there to shoot a launching of Mobile Clinic,

And to officially launch this mobile clinic, Ministers from various field were invited to give their precious autograph to the vehicle,

( Menteri Kewangan 2/ 2nd Finance Minister)

Last but not least is our dear Prime Minister & Deputy Prime Minister ,

Its the end already, I hope you guys enjoyed it :) i'll update my blog again within this month, so stay tune!!
Have A Nice Day~!
God Bless you,

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