Saturday, April 23, 2011

Untitle 2011

WOW, its been 6 month's since i last updated my blog. (it feels like 1 day to me)... alright, just a few updates to those who are viewing my blog (i know i am basically talking to walls) I've ran away from my previous Uni, which is UniRazak to to the white house liked Segi KL. Besides, my hair transformed!! from golden mushroom to Black Durian =D (sounds kinda funny right? laugh all u want :P) talking bout durian',s have u guys had it like recently? you should! its tastyyyyy, durian is always the smarter choice you know? but if u don't~ too bad, better go be a wall forever xP haha, life's good with LG , hope it is the same to all the 'walls', anyhow, i will try to "UPDATE" more often.

(Guess where is this place)

Its Bali! gosh., why issit taking you so long to guess? :p (oh~ i forgotten that u guys are walls)
Haha, by the wayy, i won a 2 round-trip to Bali!! All thanks to SAYS.COM (Happy Birthday recently they have this cool birthday celebration, and they are giving out very very attractive prizes!! I dont know what to crap anymore, guess i should end here~ and by the way, we should practice to say 'see you later' rather than good bye,want to know why? cause 'goodbye sounds like forever' So, see you later guys :p  Have a Blessed dayy =D

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