Sunday, May 29, 2011

Felling like hippo?

The new semester is back! But i'm still feeling lazy =_= just like what u see in the picture, guess what, i went to Singapore and Fraser's during semester break =D both of it was awesome (Will upload few photo up).... Besides, i got to go hiking with my bunch of 6 c friends! and because of the hiking, i got my first fainting experience. (it feels shameful telling this but there are things/issue that made me say this)  Things that i learned after this experience is i should be more humble. Think to yourself, have you ever say something bad about others and finally the bad thing come to u? (you know better than me)

Pictures that are shown are all taken by me =)And as you know, I've been playing around with my new 50mm lens, and my feedback to it is, it is awesome but it loses focus very easily, so if you are a 50mm user, bear this in mind =)

Enjoy the music =) it brings back good memories.

Jeronn, God blees u all

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