Monday, November 17, 2008


Still having SPM, quite stressful these few weeks....

I've had a so call 'Brother' since ...dunno when...
I wanna write a bit about him...
He is a half orphan,and staying juz a few blocks away from my house.
Actually he's a kind person.=)
But there is something that i don't like is his character,since the day we started becoming "brothers",i found out that he is an "emo" kinda guy and he's a bit pervert=Weird.
The reason i am saying this is because every time we sms,he will say all those "Stuff" and his mood is like a "Girl". lol,every week if we dont sms at least once, he will say that i does'nt love him and all kinda stuff. (Swt=.="")

Lol,I have something for him,

-Plz be more mature while talking to me
-Actually i does'nt like all the 'love love' thingy
-Plz take note that other people have FEELINGS!!!

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