Monday, June 6, 2011

City Madness?

Just like any other days where i have nothing to do at night. And out of the blue, some bell rang and i thought; wouldn't it be good if i go experience the hot-ness of our beloved city! i sent an email to my dear friend Leo and ask him out for photo-shooting :) We got ourselves wet thanks to the rain and we saw a bunch of children fighting across the streets. Its kinda horrible to see some Malaysian citizen fighting; especially in the heart of our city where most tourist are.(I do hope that they'll grow up some day) Anyhow it was a wonderful night ;D
View from Forest in the City

Sweet couple walking under the rain

God Bless,
Pray for Malaysia*


hajar ramlan said...

very nice photos, jerung :P

Jeronn said...

thanks Hajar :)