Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Colors & People

Wonderful KL, Wonderful highway, but horrible river *Dirty* :(
Located in Dato Keramat is one of the busiest highway. And beneath it lies a different world :) 

View under the highway

Foreign worker making their way to work

Morning exercise 

I love you, your love me, we are happy family

Pissed off face! Epic!

Save our river, Save our planet!

Reminds me of Big Bang!

I hope u guys had a good time here :) i'll try to take more picture and share with u all, do place any comment if u have any opinion. And please keep in mind that there is only one place for us to live and if you do not love it, it wont love you!

Credits to my beloved sister yae ber
*Reminder, click on pictures for better viewing. Y&J = yae ber and jeronn *

God Bless,
Save our Planet*

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